Psychic Protection Made Simple!

Psychic protection comes in many forms. Protection for psychics and empaths is important. Read how below: Psychic Protection That Works! Through the course of your life on Earth, you will be presented with challenges, obstacles, and lessons of duality, this is a given. And yet, with a few basic psychic protection techniques you can learn … Continue reading Psychic Protection Made Simple!

The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy #FREE on Amazon 6/23 & 6/24

Today’s the day. Get your FREE Kindle copy of The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy on 6/23-24/2017!

Colleen Chesebro ~ Fairy Whisperer

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The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy is Free on Amazon today and tomorrow to celebrate International Fairy Day!

Cover by Bookxeedo Book Covers

This is your chance to experience the magic of the fairy nymphs. Here is some insight into some of the ideas behind the symbolism in the story and my use of the number seven, rainbows, and ancient Greek Mythology that I sprinkled throughout the novel.

The number seven is significant in early folklore and Christianity. Seven was creatively used in many myths and fairy stories from our childhood. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is always the first fairy tale that comes to mind that used the number seven.

The Seed of Life,

Seven circles intertwine to form the symbol called “The Seed of Life.” The Seed of Life symbolizes the six days of creation. The central circle symbolizes the day of…

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Colleen Chesebro ~ Fairy Whisperer

Today is the first day of summer!

Last Christmas, my husband and I made the decision to no longer celebrate Christmas – at least not in the commercialized way the holiday has morphed into. Instead, we now celebrate the Winter Solstice. The exciting part of making this decision is that we now get two holidays! The Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

This year, our solstice celebration will be celebrated on International Fairy Day, June 24th. I have a wee medical procedure scheduled for tomorrow, so it made sense to wait until the weekend. I don’t believe I have any Irish heritage, but I claim it by my name – Colleen. Today, I am going to do my version of a nature meditation on Amergin. shares the history of Amergin:

“Amergin was a leader of the Milesians, one of the ancient tribes that conquered…

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Create an Elemental Garden for Litha

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE! I love this idea and it is a perfect way to honor my elemental fairy nymphs! ❤ If you're a Pagan who's into gardening, consider planting a garden that ties into the four classical elements of earth, air, fire and water. Source: Create an Elemental Garden for Litha

Mindless Eating Book Review | Weight Watchers Friendly Tips

I follow Martha's blog and love her advice to all of us working on losing and maintaining our weight. This sounds like a good book! ❤ As I was walking my dog this morning, I realized that it was exactly seven years ago that my relationship with food changed forever. I finally became the person … Continue reading Mindless Eating Book Review | Weight Watchers Friendly Tips

A Lovelier Form of Frenzy? Mindful Monday and #RevOfKindness

Excellent thoughts about mindfulness and self-compassion. Enjoy. ❤


This post was written a week ago; I’m running each post the week following its drafting, so I can reflect on each again as I prepare it for posting.

About a week ago, I wrote about how frenzied my life can at times become, and declared my intention to attend to what I term my “Frenzy Stance” and learn some new techniques to employ before the things I’m trying to do start to feel like they’ll chew me up and swallow me whole if I’m not vigilant.

How did I do with that goal?

Well, it might help to start with a bullet summary of some moments and incidents that stood out to me:

  • I realized that the moon was nearing full (a time of both intense creativity and a distinct lack of sleep, for me; I call myself a Full Moon Creative).

  • When my Accomplice rushed me to…

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Buddhist researchers seek to reveal link between heart, mind – Lion’s Roar

There's proof that mindfulness is good for us! Have a read: Researchers at the Hong Kong’s Center for Buddhist Studies have published findings that point to a connection between the heart and the mind. “Activities of the brain and heart became more coordinated during MBSR training,” reported the authors. “Mindfulness training may increase the entrainment … Continue reading Buddhist researchers seek to reveal link between heart, mind – Lion’s Roar

A Simple Question to Help You Figure Out What to Write

In my journey to be kind to myself, I find that I must explore the subject of getting to know me better, which pertains to my writing, too. Read this to find a way to help you figure out what to write. Hint: You'll have to deal with your feelings... ❤ Empath heaven.  This simple … Continue reading A Simple Question to Help You Figure Out What to Write

Breakfast Ideas for Everyone | Weight Watchers

Welcome to eating breakfast in style! Are you stuck in the same rut each morning for breakfast? Never fear... Weight Watchers is here! Check out these great recipes. ❤ Our Beyond the Scale program delivers our most personal and holistic approach inspiring a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy living fully! Breakfast recipes for every morning. Source: Breakfast … Continue reading Breakfast Ideas for Everyone | Weight Watchers

8 Hours Relaxing Nature Sounds Calming Birdsong Sound of Water Relaxation Meditation – Family Caregiver Support

This video is perfect for relaxing, writing, exercise... you get it! It's perfect. Check out the soothing sounds of nature! ❤ Sourced through from: When I get out in nature my body relaxes. A walk in the forest or a stroll on the beach restores my spirits. Caregivers need a way to unwind. Our … Continue reading 8 Hours Relaxing Nature Sounds Calming Birdsong Sound of Water Relaxation Meditation – Family Caregiver Support