Are You a Psychic?


The Magical Explorer (Image credit:

Last week we took a test to determine if we were empaths. Here is the link to that post: Are You an Empath?

This week take a visit to and answer a few questions to see if you are a psychic. If you score high, you might want to investigate these traits further. I think it is interesting to understand the workings of our own psyche.

I have included my results as a quote from the site. Leave me a comment as to how you scored. ❤

“You are: The Magical Explorer
Your Total Score: 65 out of 80 — (81%)

Telepathic Communication: 15 out of 20
Clairvoyance: 10 out of 10
Spiritual Awareness: 25 out of 25
Pre-Cognitive Ability: 5 out of 10 

Each question is worth 5 points.”


“What it Means

You scored pretty high on the overall results. It is highly likely that you are a psychic.

Your telepathic energy channels are very open, and you have clairaudient (clairaudient definition: the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead) abilities. Most people’s telepathic abilities are not as strong as yours. This likely means that you can communicate either with large groups of people, or individuals, without physically saying anything, but rather by using your thoughts alone. This is an excellent ability to have and if you are a writer, a public speaker, a minister, or communicate with groups of people; using your ability consciously in your job will definitely help you!

Your clairvoyance (Clairvoyance definition, the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing) is more open than most people. You can see your truth clearly and are on the path to opening your deeper psychic abilities and capacity. Becoming a professional psychic would probably be fairly easy for you. How will you use your clairvoyant abilities next?

You scored the highest possible score in the Spiritual Awareness category. This means you understand the connectivity between all life and that other forms of life are really conscious and aware too. You have an awareness that karma is real and can influence and even control our life at times. And you are aware of the hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) guidance of your spirit helpers and friends. Being drawn to all things unusual you have a unique perspective on life that not everyone shares.

You are partially aware of your pre-cognitive abilities. Information may come to you in dreams. This is a skill that, like any other, can be improved and developed. You are on your way there.”


Wow! What a positive reading! Now, you must understand, I only use these tests as guidance to understanding why I am the way I am. I get it now. Everything above is true. Maybe this is part of my spiritual awakening, a period of time when I will come to grips with myself as a person.

The results certainly explain the whispers from the fairies. I have always believed the fairy nymphs have helped me to write my stories… who knows?


Namaste. Peace and joy. ❤


11 thoughts on “Are You a Psychic?

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  1. That was a fun diversion, Colleen. I’m glad you shared. Despite the fact that as women age society thinks ever less of us, the truth is that as we get older, more and more spiritual/psychic things open to us.
    It sounds like an all new chapter is opening for you. So remember, the pen is in your hand! “Write” it the way you want, not based on any “stinkin’ shoulds” as I call them.
    Mega hugs my friend.

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  2. Awesome! This was fun thx (: I got psychic goddess lol. Beautiful artwork too. PS I’ve always used Nyx as my online screen name. She’s the fairy me lol. Just another synchronicity we have 😉 xo

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  3. Here’s mine:
    You are: The Psychic Goddess
    Your Total Score: 75 out of 80 — (94%)

    Telepathic Communication: 15 out of 20
    Clairvoyance: 15 out of 10
    Spiritual Awareness: 25 out of 25
    Pre-Cognitive Ability: 10 out of 10

    I agree – these tests are tools to help us move forward in our lives.

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