Mindful Monday – How to Start a Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to Mindful Monday. Each week I try to examine new or sometimes old things about myself on my journey to becoming more mindful. I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to, as I try to live in the present. Come and join me on my journey. You never know what you will learn about yourself.

Another Christmas has come and gone. How do you feel after the holiday? Do you feel like you gained ten pounds from all the holiday sweets and heavier than normal foods you consumed to celebrate the season? Me, too!

As I wander through the last days of 2016, my mind always returns to what I carried out or didn’t carry out in the past year. I did well maintaining my weight for the first half of the year. The second half of the year was a disaster. I quit eating correctly and have paid the price with weight gain. Besides that, I don’t feel as healthy as I did at a lower weight.

So… it is time to renegotiate my diet and assume control over a situation that I let get out of control. Some people like to create an actual contract with themselves. I am going to create a personal mantra.

The December 2016 Family Circle Magazine had a little article on page 126 that caught my attention. It’s called: “Facing Your Fears,” and I am quoting the piece:

“Think about one of your most positive, life-changing experiences. What did it teach you about your own power – that you’re resourceful? Strong? Creative? Use those impactful traits to create a mantra for your next life challenge: “I can and will do __________ because I’m __________.” (Fill in the blanks with your own words).”

Here are a couple of my accomplishments from years past. In 1999, I quit smoking after I had smoked for more than twenty + years, and in 2012, I lost a total of 55 pounds. Each of these accomplishments took dedication and strength. Oh, and fortitude. I didn’t give up even when it was hard. This is crucial. I can use these past experiences to create my personal mantra for 2017:

If you’d like to join me in making your personal mantra for the new year, please do. I wrote mine on a sticky note which I have placed on the front of my refrigerator. That way I must see my words every time I open the door.

Now, select the eating style that works best for you. I am going to stick with my Weight Watchers Points Plus because that has worked for me in the past. The key to the success of this program is writing down what you eat in a food journal. I’ve talked about this before and use a notebook with a page per day. I also write down five things a day I am grateful for on each page. This helps to keep me in check.

CHECK OUT this cool body weight simulator. You type in your current weight and height and then add your target weight and height. You get an image of what you look like now compared to how you will look when you lose the weight! You can even make the model look more like you. Have fun and discover some Instant inspiration!!

I have a friend who has lost weight by photographing her healthy and not so healthy meals every day and putting them on Instagram. What a great way to make yourself accountable. If it worked for her, it might work for you.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 RULE?

I found this article on Popsugar and was really interested in this concept. Popsugar shares:

“The 80/20 principle is no diet — it’s a lifestyle change that can lead to sustainable weight loss. Folks who have suffered on rigid, limiting diets in the past find that this new rule teaches them about balance and moderation, a concept that never exists in a fad diet. When you practice 80/20, you have the space to go out socially and enjoy a meal (or a cocktail!) with friends, but most importantly, it makes the whole clean-living thing feel doable for the long run.”

“The breakdown is simple: 80 percent of the time you focus on eating clean, good-for-you foods, and 20 percent of the time you have the freedom to indulge as you please. Don’t be concerned about the math, but it’s simple: if you eat three square meals a day, three of those meals every week are your 20 percent cheat meals; if you eat five small meals a day, then seven of those small meals are up for grabs.”

I really like the idea of eating correctly 80% of the time and having a 20% period each week that I could splurge a little. In fact, I must tell you I have tried this theory in the past, and it does work. If you are looking for a way to start a weight loss journey this might be the one for you.

It is worth a try I would say if you are struggling with the confinements of most diets. Check out Livestrong.com for more on the 80/20 eating style.

Image credit: Mynaturalfamily.com

Here is another healthy living lifestyle diet:

Image credit: Evalinda George on Pinterest

Here is a shopping list to get you started and the link to the PDF you can print out yourself: oldwayspt.org

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to live. For me, Weight Watchers is the closest version of this eating style. Watchfit.com is a great place to get started on learning the basics of this eating style.

In addition, you must figure out a way to get more exercise. I have a treadmill, so that really helps to keep me moving during the winter months. Walking is a safe way to start an exercise program. Make sure to check with your doctor if you have any health issues before starting an exercise program or diet. Remember, I am only sharing ideas and my own personal journey. What works for me might not work for you.

I have a beginning walking goal of one mile a day for five days. I want to stagger the two days off in between the other days. I do this because it is too easy for me to take two days off and then not want to walk again. Consistency is key to sticking with your goals. It seems that I have to play mind games with myself to succeed.

How about you? What are your healthy living goals for the week?

Image credit: Quotesgram.com

Have a wonderful week! If you would like to join me in your own healthy living journey, please do. Use whatever program works for you. You do not even have to follow a plan if you don’t want to. The whole idea is to start thinking about ways that you can become healthier and fit. This includes going gluten-free, fat-free, lactose-free, starting an exercise program, or even a new way of eating such as becoming a vegetarian. If it has to do with becoming healthy, write about it!

Link to my post with a ping back each week in a separate post on your own blog. I will add your blog to a list of healthy living supporters that others can visit to gain motivation on each of my Mindful Monday posts. Together we can become healthier!

Remember, this is not a challenge.  Each of us has different goals that we wish to reach. This is an offering of support and a place where my online community can come to take part in achieving a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to join in with your own Mindful Monday goals, you can do so in the comments, or on a separate post of your own making.  If you want to link back to my post, please feel free to do so, however, it is not necessary.  My main aim here is to give and get support to become more mindful of my journey to healthy living.

Thanks for being part of my fabulous journey to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to share your journey. ❤ No matter what your goals are in becoming healthier, together we can do it!

I wish you much peace and joy in the week ahead. ❤


11 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – How to Start a Weight Loss Journey

  1. You have some great goals, Colleen 🙂
    I went vegetarian this year and can feel a big difference for my health, both physical and spiritual. Because of allergy I make most of my food from scratch and enough of it, also to freeze down for easy food for other days. Vegetarian food from scratch needs some planning, which I need to learn to be better to do.
    Wish you a new and beautiful year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Irene. I will do a modified version of vegetarianism. I have to stay away from flour products. I went dairy free this year and that has helped. I just need to quit eating so much! LOL! Happy new year my friend. ❤😘🎊🎉🥂

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I just found a new brand of almond milk, as doesn’t contain soy. The first I bought here, did contain soy, which I find difficult to understand, but now I know.
            I do yoga and walk long walks with my dog, which helps a lot.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I need to work on the yoga. When I include that and meditate I feel better too. The weather is pretty rough right now. Cold, high winds, all part of life in the mountains. I didn’t know that about almond milk… I better check. 😳

            Liked by 1 person

          3. We can buy mostly different kind of milks here in our usual supermarkets, like goat, sheep, cow, rice, oats, almond, soy + more. Many are with different fat percent too and some contains vitamins too.
            I just ordered a box with 6 liter of almond milk, used one and felt very bad in my stomach. Then I read in the behind of the almond milk and it contained soy proteins.
            I visited a health shop and was lucky to find an almond milk without any soy there, so now I know where to buy 🙂
            Good luck, Colleen 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Thanks for letting me know that. I am going to check my brand too. I used to drink soy milk until that starting to bother me. The whole dairy thing: cheese, etc. really had me feeling terrible. What a difference it made when I stopped eating dairy. Eggs are okay and don’t bother me. Good luck too, Irene. We just have to be consistent. ❤

            Liked by 1 person

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