A Mindful Journey is on Facebook


A Mindful Journey has a Facebook page. Colleen Chesebro – My Mindful Journey: https://www.facebook.com/mymindfuljourney/!  (I had to use “my” mindful journey because “a” mindful journey was taken).

Come and join us! I also set up a widget on the blog so you can find me there too.This will be another spot that we can connect. I hope to see you there!


I will be listing the five things that I am grateful for as a post each evening. If you want to join in please do. ❤

I will share Weight Watchers tips and recipes, exercise for beginners, yoga, mindfulness posts, and more empathic connections!

Feel free to join in and share your own tips and tricks. This is our community to share our goals and frustrations and to boost each other up. Together we can achieve our goals!




Namaste! I’m wishing you peace and joy this week! ❤



13 thoughts on “A Mindful Journey is on Facebook

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