A Lovelier Form of Frenzy? Mindful Monday and #RevOfKindness

Excellent thoughts about mindfulness and self-compassion. Enjoy. ❤


This post was written a week ago; I’m running each post the week following its drafting, so I can reflect on each again as I prepare it for posting.

About a week ago, I wrote about how frenzied my life can at times become, and declared my intention to attend to what I term my “Frenzy Stance” and learn some new techniques to employ before the things I’m trying to do start to feel like they’ll chew me up and swallow me whole if I’m not vigilant.

How did I do with that goal?

Well, it might help to start with a bullet summary of some moments and incidents that stood out to me:

  • I realized that the moon was nearing full (a time of both intense creativity and a distinct lack of sleep, for me; I call myself a Full Moon Creative).

  • When my Accomplice rushed me to…

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